• Botanical Name:
    Russelia equisetiformis 'St. Elmo's Fire'
  • Common Name:
    St. Elmoe's Fire Coral Plant
  • Type:
    Tropical Color
  • Family:
  • Exposure:
  • Size:
    24"h x 24"w
  • Zones:
  • Water:
    Moderate moisture
  • Origin:
    Mexico to Guatemale
  • Butterflies:
  • Hummingbirds:
  • Container Size:
    Large Pot Band

#561 - St. Elmoe's Fire Coral Plant (Russelia equisetiformis 'St. Elmo's Fire')

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Plant Description

St. Elmo's Fire is a cool new Coral Plant introduced by Mountain States Nursery in Arizona that features a different look for this group of plants. Instead of red-orange blooms, the flowers are more of a cherry-red, they are not as long, and the ends of the tubular blooms are wider, more trumpet-like. There are more of the tiny leaves present than with the other Coral Plants and the stems are more upright and not quite as arching. We've welcomed this plant's different effect to add to the display in our garden from a proven performer.