• Botanical Name:
    Pavonia missionum
  • Common Name:
    Orange-Scarlet Mallow
  • Type:
    Tropical Color
  • Family:
  • Exposure:
  • Size:
    20"h x 20"w
  • Zones:
  • Water:
    Moderate moisture
  • Origin:
    ME Argentina, S Brazil, Paraguay
  • Butterflies:
  • Hummingbirds:
  • Container Size:
    Large Pot Band

#553 - Pavonia missionum (Orange-Scarlet Mallow)

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Plant Description

A rare plant that gardeners usually get to see only in botanical gardens is this brilliant little South American Mallow. Its flower color is unlike anything we?ve seen in the Hibiscus Family. Painted much like a sunset, each bloom is a glowing red-orange with a golden center. Although it is not winter hardy here, it will reseed a bit, as you would expect from a Pavonia. We recently picked up this butterfly nectar plant at a botanical garden plant sale in Southern California. Its botanical name alludes to the Misiones Province in Northeast Argentina, one of the areas where it grows wild.