• Botanical Name:
    Cuphea Llavea
  • Common Name:
    Bat-Face Cuphea
  • Type:
    Tropical Color
  • Family:
  • Exposure:
  • Size:
    24"h x 24"w
  • Zones:
  • Water:
    Moderate moisture
  • Origin:
  • Butterflies:
  • Hummingbirds:
  • Container Size:
    Large Pot Band

#640 - Cuphea Llavea (Bat-Face Cuphea)

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Plant Description

It?s easy to see how this cute little plant gets its name. The flowers have a dark purplish black face with two big red ears and look like the cuddly fuzzy mug of a bat. I?ve grown this easy and constantly blooming plant off and on for years, dating back to my days as Garden Manager for Oklahoma Gardening. Bat-Face Cuphea is related to Mexican Heather and Crapemyrtle so you know it has built in heat tolerance and flower power. It can both fill and spill in a mixed container and also attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. On the chance it gets a little large for its space, just cut it back and it will bloom fine.