• Botanical Name:
    Asystasia gagetica 'You're So Vein'
  • Common Name:
    Striped Ganges Primrose
  • Type:
    Tropical Color
  • Family:
  • Exposure:
    Sun, Partial Shade
  • Size:
  • Zones:
  • Water:
    Moderate moisture
  • Origin:
    Asia, Africa
  • Butterflies:
  • Hummingbirds:
  • Container Size:
    Large Pot Band

#654 - Asystasia gagetica 'You're So Vein' (Striped Ganges Primrose)

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Plant Description

You’ve probably noticed that we like variegated plants here at Bustani Plant Farm.  It’s fun for us to collect and grow different forms of variegation even on the same species of plant.  Such is the case with this Ganges Primrose.  It is called ‘You’re so Vein’ because of the net-like reticulated pattern of variegation in its leaves.  It’s quite a bit different than our other variegated Ganges Primrose.  I always tell people not to buy these plants for their attractive Lavender flowers because they are only on the plant during the short day photo period of fall, winter and spring.  Instead, grow it for its beautiful spilling foliage that would make any Carly Simon fan start humming.